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Strategic Projects

We list here some projects for your reference.
Don't hesitate to ask us, if you need further information.

Document management and business process optimisation
Purpose: Preparing for a new document management system in the department for financial controlling at a bank.
The IT infra structure and the use of an older FileNet document management system (DMS) was analysed in order to prepare for a new DMS that support the financial controllers more effectively. Target: The main target was to swap an older FileNet DMS as well as to optimise the business process for the financial controllers, controlling the trading figures at a bank.
In a first step the IT infra structure was analysed in order to prepare the unloading of an existing FileNet DMS and to document the ways the documents get from the german stock exchange and Kordoba in to the bank and the DMS.
In a second step the DMS related work flows in the department for financial controlling were analysed. New and more effective, DMS supported, work flows were developed. During this step i recommended the bank a new an very innovative DMS. This resulted in a product presentation by the manufacturer, that i invited to the bank.
Last but not least an document unloading module was developed, using FieNet's ISRA-Adapter, to unload all COLD documents.
All in all the analysis supplied the bank fully transparency concerning the current IT situation and approx. 50% reduced work load thank to optimised work flows in the department for financial controlling.

Process optimisation
Purpose: Joining two different business units - print and accountancy.
Target: Process optimisation, gaining synergy effects. Unifying processes with a higher competence of all participants.

Purpose: Eliminating project blockades between different software development teams. Target: Eliminating deficits of the participating software engineers.

Securing and optimisation of business units
Purpose: Introducing a new workflow for processing customer questions with the help of electronically delivered documents.
Target: Increasing operational stability concerning the processing of customers questions. Reducing process time.

Document management
Purpose: Supporting and optimisation of a workflow for business processes dealing with operational tasks from gaining new customers to processing orders.
Target: Document management and retrieval for the complete business process.

Better use of present resources
Purpose: Process analysis and documentation for a service company.
Target: Better us of present IT resources, freeing capacities for new tasks.

Identifying weaknesses
Purpose: Follow-up on a large data base update and SAP-introduction.
Target: Identifying weaknesses and developing potential for optimisation.