Pompadour IT-Solutions

  • Web developers wanted

    Currently we are looking for a web developer for our office in W├╝rzburg. If you are interested in doing what we do, please mail us.

  • Partners

    We are always looking for strategic partners to widen our network.
    If you are interested in a cooperation on mutual interests, please mail us.


In addition to our excellent IT-Services, we offer some awesome products too.
These products serve at leased two purposes. First, they are a "showcase" on modern web applications. Second, we extend our service to you, by those products.

For our product development we only use the very best ingredients.
We believe web development ist the future. And we do believe in open source.
For our apps we use Ruby on Rails, accompanied with the very best cloud services.

please use the links on your left hand side for more information on our products.