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Service data management

Log4Job is an application for stationary and mobile administration of service activities.
As Log4Job has a "multi purpose architecture", the is no limit what you can do with Log4Job.
Currently we support two purposes:
‐ the full range of data and tasks for refrigeration management and
‐ a general service management application

Please visit www.log4job.com for mor information.

Automatic data collection

The data in www.log4job.com (see IT project list) is usually entered manually. However, for the world leader in electronic refrigeration compressor protection „Kriwan Industrieelektronik GmbH“, we have developed a „data transfer unit“ (modem) that sends automatic collected data to Log4Job over the mobile internet (GSM).

The picture on the left hand side is the modem, and on the right hand side you see two refrigeration compressors equipped with a modem, wireless delivering data to Log4Job.

This is also an elegant example of the so called "internet of things".


modem compressor

INT69 Diagnosis in Log4Job

The benefit of this automatic data collecting approach is, that the engineer can monitor the state of his refrigeration unit at any time and every where. The picture below shows one out of six interactive diagrams in Log4JOb revealing the state of the unit.



Mobile access

In order to make the application „really mobile“, we developed a mobile Version for smart phones.

With this application, the engineer can manage all the refrigeration data on site.