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We list here some projects for your reference.
Don't hesitate to ask us, if you need further information.

Project management - Expert systems project
Managing a one year lasting project concerning the integration of a hypertext and expert system.
New ideas, concepts and processes where created. The target system where implemented with an object oriented language running on a unix platform.

Insurances - company pension
This was a large project with many participants, implementing a software for a insurance company whose main competence is company pensions. The targeted software system was a classic client server solution ronning on OS2 and unix.
In this project, we developed an enhanced ER-Model for company pensions, in cooperation with the insurance company it selves. The ER-Model was the imput for a generator, that generated the run time system running on OS2 using a backend unix system. Not only views and workflows were generated but also the under lying data base structure.

Bank - Forward Transactions
Enhancement of a dialog oriented forward transaction system. Der software targeted two os (Windows / OS2) simultaneously. In order to achieve a uniform user interface the GUI library XVT where used.

Insurances - managing customer data
Implementation of komponents for the field service for a insurance company. The project included the analysis and implementation.

Insurances - Data ware house
Create a concept for a company wide data ware house for an insurance company. Especially the products from SAS, Informix, and Oracle were examined.

wholesale - Data management
Implementation of a data load management system for a data ware house using an Oracle database.

In house project - Inventory control system
Implementation of an Inventory control system with add on modules for calculating commission for a structured sales organisation.

Insurances - field service
Participation on a car insurance project for the field services. The project included the analysis as well as the implementation of the software. Besides the implementation, we were responsible for the insurance object model, as well as for the documentation and testing.
The software was deployed on 22.000 laptops and 3000 desk tops.

re insurance - Data analysis
Implementation of a "insurance finding" system for life insurances for a re insurance company.
The implemented software, analysed the data from insurance companies dealing with life insurances, presenting data for the necessary re insurance. The Project included the object oriented analysis and implementation.

Industry - planing cell phone networks
Implementation of a CAD-based software for planing cell phone networks. We managed parts of the projects (project management))

In house project - Web Site
Implementation of a application server based web site. We used JSP, J2SE, J2EE running it on the application server JBOss.
Many other techniques such as XML, XSL und XSL-FO as well as Apache FOP for the creation of PDF-Documents.

Industry - document management
Analysis and implementation of a large set of document management tools for a very large IT solution provider.
The documents were stored and managed by the document management software "FileNet". The documents were stored and retrieved used web technologies as well as a number of windows services.

Administration - High-End Scanner/FileNet
Complete management of High-End scanners as "front end" for a FileNet document management system for many years.

In house product development - Web Site (www.wartungslog.com)
Implementation of a unique, web based system for a complete refrigeration management, targeting german customers.

Industry - refrigeration data management
Implementation of hard and software for the transportation of refrigeration data over the mobile internet.

In house product development - Web Site (www.log4job.com)
Implementation of a unique, web based system for a complete refrigeration management, targeting world wide customers.
We started up www.log4job.com with 7 languages (english, french, german, italian, polish, spanish and swedish) with approximately 23 more to go.
Besides refrigeration management, log4job also covers a unique and user defined action management system, where the customer can define his own products he wants to manage.
www.log4job.com is a state of the art web application, running in the cloud.

Strategic FileNet- / DMS-Project
Analysing the FileNet IT infra structure in the department for central services at a larger online bank.
Analysing and optimizing the work flows in the department for trade document controlling with respect to document management.

Webb based social community for real estate agencies in Ruby on Rails
Developing a multi lingual, multi user web application for real estate agent communities using Ruby on Rails, running on Heroku and using the Amazon S3 storage for an internal DMS.
A special purpose web widget lets the real estate agent use the app as a content management system. In the very moment the real estate is captured in the app, it shows aup on his public web site.

Multi project management at an online insurance company
In the department that develops web applications and backend services as well as serving external partners we are doing some multi project management, covering the vast majority of insurance types.
We are developing and technical solutions. Accompany those solutions from estimation over planing and realisation to deployment.
In addition to that we are dealing with quality assurance.
All the work is done within agile methodologies (SCRUM).